Pathways to the Trucking Industry in Ohio

Pathways to the Trucking Industry in Ohio

If you want to be a trucker in Ohio, you need to go through certain channels. That is, you need to get the right training, get the right hands-on experience, and get the right job. This might seem like a lot of things you need to accomplish. And honestly, it is. However, we’re going to walk you through the pathways to the trucking industry in Ohio so it feels less imposing.

Truck Driving School

One way to get into the trucking industry is to go to truck driving or CDL school. This training will teach you all about the trucking industry and will prepare you for the CDL exam. You’ll get both classroom-based instruction and behind-the-wheel instruction to prepare you for the knowledge and road test portions of the exam.

Get the CDL Manual

Going along with the above, you should get a copy of the Ohio CDL manual to further familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for the state.

Take the CDL Exam

One of the best pathways to the trucking industry in Ohio is to take the state CDL exam and pass. Once you complete the written portion of the exam, you’ll get your CDL permit. From there, you can take the road test. Pass this and you’re well on your way!

Look for a Job

Finally, you need to get a job in the trucking industry. You can do this by utilizing the job placement services at your trucking school. If your school doesn’t offer this or you’d rather broaden your search, get in touch with We can help you get on the right path to enter the trucking industry in Ohio. Just call us at 1-800-TRUCKER today to get started!

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