Funding Your Education

In addition to the options below, you may qualify for training paid in full. Most truck driver schools are committed to not only assisting you in locating the right truck driving job, but also to assisting you in determining the best method of funding your CDL training.

There are a number of different ways to pay for your CDL Training, and there are a number of different CDL Grants as well as financing options to help you get your new career started. The trucking companies that truck driver schools work with share this same view as well, and many of them offer tuition reimbursement.

You might be asking what the difference is between “tuition reimbursement” and “paid CDL training”.

“Paid CDL Training” is when a company pays your tuition in part or in full.

Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as FREE CDL Training. Trucks, Fuel, Trainers, etc. all cost money, therefore the training you receive will come with a price tag. If a trucking company is paying for your CDL Training, you will be required to sign an employment contract for at least 1-2 years depending on the company.

If you do not adhere to the terms of the contract or if you quit or are discharged before the contract is scheduled to end, expect a bill in the mail for the remaining balance that you owe to that company for the CDL Training that they provided to you. “Tuition Reimbursement” is when you and a company each commit to working with each other, and in turn, that company pays you directly on a monthly basis until your tuition as been reimbursed in part or in full, as long as you continue to work for that company.

Basically, the moral of the Tuition Reimbursement story is that one of the trucking companies that we help you get a job with, will pay you back for as long as you work at their company because they appreciate your initiative in furthering your education by obtaining your CDL. You are not under any type of contract with that trucking company.

You can work for that company as long as you wish and you are not subject to any length of time that you are required to work for them. Their Tuition Reimbursement Program is simply set up to pay back your tuition commitments.

If tuition reimbursement is not for you, truck driver schools will take cash, check and credit cards. Moreover, there are also outside and in-house financing. Since financing anything is always more expensive, we recommend tuition reimbursement or a CDL grant as your first choices.